Network News - September 29, 2017
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Network News - September 29, 2017

Information regarding messengers for the Annual Celebration, from the bylaws:
Article VI:Section 4.  Messengers from the churches.  Each church in the Association having fifty resident members or less may send their pastor and four other messengers plus one messenger for each additional fifty resident members or the fraction thereof, provided that no church shall have more than fifteen messengers. Messengers shall be members in good standing of the churches they represent.

It's that time of year again! Spring has sprung, Summer is done, Fall is falling upon us, and Winter will soon come. With fall and winter, many churches hit another busy season of activity. 
First, maybe we should begin by evaluating the activities and traditions. What activities should we keep and why? What is the objective, purpose, and goal of our busyness?
The Overcommitted Church by Thom S. Rainer
Many churches have become too busy for their own good.
They have so many activities, programs, events, and services that they are wearing out their congregations.
Here is the irony. Most of the activities in these churches were started with a noble cause to make a difference in the congregation and the community. But the members became so busy they don’t have time to connect with people in a meaningful way.

The overcommitted church has become the ineffective church.

So how did our churches get in this predicament? The causes are many, but here are seven of them:

  1. Our churches equate activity with value. 
  2. Programs and ministries became ends instead of means.
  3. Failure of churches to have a clear purpose. 
  4. Church leaders have failed to say “no.” 
  5. Fear of eliminating. 
  6. Church is often defined as an address. 
  7. Churches often try to compete with culture rather than reach culture. 

Read the full article here.
Also from Thom. S. Rainer, Seven Ways to Overcome the Overcommitted Church
Can an overcommitted church become a balanced church?
Can a complex church become a simple church?
The answer to the questions is an unequivocal “yes,” but it won’t be easy in most churches. ...

  1. Don’t say add without subtracting. 
  2. Do a zero-based ministry budget every year. 
  3. Determine the essentials. 
  4. Evaluate all meetings. 
  5. Make heroes of those connecting beyond the church buildings. 
  6. Merge ministries and programs. 
  7. Become a simple church. 

Busy churches may not be effective churches. Indeed busy churches may be the very thing that’s keeping our members from connecting in the community and having meaningful gospel conversations.
Read the full article here

3 Keys to Finding Work-Life Balance in Ministry by William Vanderbloemen
You know that “work-life balance” everyone talks about? I don’t think it exists. Of course, pastors and church leaders should strive for balance between their professional and personal lives, but I don’t think it can be scheduled. Ministry is a 24/7 job. Balance is organic and unpredictable; it’s not an appointment on your calendar.

I am reminded of the hectic week leading up to Easter when I was leading a church. I used to regularly take a full week off after Easter in an attempt to create a work-life balance, but it was a huge mistake to make as a church leader. I failed to recognize that the Sunday after Easter is the most likely time Easter visitors would attend church again. By trying to control balance, I was missing out on a valuable opportunity to engage new attendees.

I’ve learned that there are seasons for everything: growth, rest, change, consistency, etc. More importantly, I’ve learned that I have no control over when these seasons begin and end. The key is to trust that God will faithfully guide you from one to another.

Here are some ideas to find—not create—balance.
1. Learn your rhythm.
2. Prioritize “me time.”
3. Learn your church’s rhythm.
I’ve learned that the time between Christmas and New Year’s is particularly slow for us. I know I’ll have downtime with my family then, and my staff can also regroup and refocus for the year.

When is your church’s “week after Christmas”? Knowing you have a slower season ahead will help you get through the busier ones.

When an opportunity presents itself, will you act? What if it occurs during your scheduled time off? Finding a way to push through the busy seasons and understanding your church’s rhythms may be the difference-maker in your growth as a leader.
Read the full article here.

Second, in getting ready to impact our neighborhoods during this season, we should evaluate our digital impressions and image.
Again Thom. S. Rainer's website offers some practical advice in these two articles:
Ten Facebook Promotion Tips for Church by Jonathan Howe
Your church is likely entering a busy season. School has started. Members are in a routine again after the summer. Fall festivals details are being finalized. And Christmas season plans are being made.

The abundance of events and outreach opportunities churches have planned for this time of year make for great promotion on Facebook. If your church is not using Facebook to advertise church-wide events, make this fall the time you start.

Facebook is the most effective platform for your church to use to promote itself—if you use it wisely. These ten tips will help you do so.

  1. Use good graphics. 
  2. Vary your post types. 
  3. Create audiences to target. 
  4. Use Facebook Live. 
  5. Create shareable content. 
  6. Ask members to share content on Facebook.
  7. Put some money behind your promotion. 
  8. Advertise over time. 
  9. Watch your ads and boosted posts. 
  10. Don’t expect automatic and overwhelming results. 

Read the full article here.

When It's Time to Redesign Your Church Website also by Jonathan Howe
Here are the main points:
Website redesigns should be carried out strategically and to meet a need. So if your church has one of these needs, then it may be time to refresh your site.

  1. Your site is not mobile-friendly
  2. Your logo or branding changes
  3. Your site is not guest-friendly
  4. You need to change website platforms
  5. Your site is dated

Read the full article here.

Jonathan Howe also shared on a podcast on Pastor Talk about Blogging and Podcasting for Pastors. You can listen

Third, the planning begins!
CTA provides some free resources for churches:
Celebrate Our Savior’s Birth with Free Resource

From the very beginning, our heavenly Father promised to send us a Savior. That promise came true when Jesus was born on the very first Christmas! And that’s exactly what CTA’s brand-new Christmas theme celebrates: God’s Promise Came True.

Children’s ministry leaders have raved about CTA’s FREE resources in the past and this year, CTA won’t disappoint. Everything is back again for this Christmas! From the children’s program to the original song, the downloadable resources that accompany God’s Promise Came True are perfect for children of all ages and churches of all sizes.

CTA has taken care of all the hard work! You can focus on sharing the story of our Savior’s birth with the children in your church and community. Ready to get started? Just follow the links and download the resources that best fit your ministry needs:

  • The God’s Promise Came True Christmas party outline gives you Bible-based content and ideas for a 60-minute event. Consider using it for a Parents Day Out, the last Sunday school or midweek class before Christmas, or as an outreach event for your neighborhood.
  • CTA offers two versions of the God’s Promise Came True Christmas program - one for preschool children and one for elementary-aged children.
  • A commissioned song featured in God’s Promise Came True comes in several formats. Look for sheet music, MP3 and WAV versions with vocals, and MP3 and WAV versions with piano only.

© 2017 CTA, Inc. Used with permission.
CTA offers some other themes and ideas as well.
Building Church Leaders also offers resources: Planning Special Services  and Special Christmas Events and Services 

LifeWay provides several helpful articles as the planning begins:
Thanksgiving and Christmas Planning: 5 Practical Suggestions for Church Staff by Craig Webb
If you haven't already done so, gather a group of church staff and lay leaders and plan your Thanksgiving and Christmas season schedule. It's important to agree among all your key leaders when making changes to your schedule. Here are five practical suggestions for planning your holiday chruch schedule.
1. Set the dates, times, and themes for your services.
2. Decide when you will not have Wednesday night or other week-day activities.
3. Decide when you will close the church offices.
4. Notify your church about the holiday schedule.
5. "Lean-into" interruptions to your holidays.
Read the full article here.

Some other helpful articles from LifeWay:
Worship Planning for the Christmas Season by A. Merril Smoak Jr.
7 Ways to Celebrate Advent as a Church by Harold D. Dinsmore
Fresh Ideas for Your Church Thanksgiving Celebrations by Diana Davis
How to Plan a Christmas Communion Service by Bruce Grubbs, Rick Prall

Finally, we hope most of all to welcome new people into our gatherings and into the Kingdom.
6 Dos and Don’ts for Welcoming Church Guests by Marty Duren for CT Pastors

I remember attending a local revival meeting in the area where I used to pastor. I did not know the pastor of the host church well, but I wanted to be supportive, so I attended with my daughter.

After we sang a few songs, the pastor ascended the pulpit area, gave a greeting, and then asked for guests to raise their hands, state their names, and say where they were from. If there had been room in the pew rack between the Bible and the hymnal, I would have crawled in. To my dismay, he recognized me, pointed right at me, and waited. So I reluctantly gave my daughter’s name and my own. After the service, I assured her I would never do that to guests at our church.

That day I got a small taste of what guests at thousands of churches around the country experience every Sunday morning. It has helped me navigate an age-old dilemma: how do we welcome guests without overwhelming them? How do we express genuine interest without “getting all up in their business”? A swing and a miss is still a miss—no matter how mighty the swing.

The average church worship gathering sees two kinds of guests: those with a church background and those with little-to-none. The first type has some expectation of what the gathering will be like. The second goes by rumors, TV shows, and, often, negative word-of-mouth. How we engage guests—especially first-time guests—can determine not only whether they will return, but also whether they will judge us as genuinely interested in them.

Here are a few dos and don’ts to make sure your attempts to welcome are actually welcoming.

1. Don’t rely on a greeting time to welcome guests.
2. Don’t ask guests to draw attention to themselves.
3. Do emphasize and celebrate the presence of guests during a pulpit welcome.
4. Do utilize a trained greeter team.
5. Do teach members how to welcome people.
6. Do implement a strategic follow-up plan for guests.

…Intentional strategies are important, but unless your people truly care about the guests in their midst, the best of plans won’t make a difference.
Read the full article

Hoping we all have a festive and not a frazzled holiday season this year. One filled with worship and wonder and not wondering what happened to the worship in the busyness of it all. 

Many Christian movies are in theaters or are coming to theaters this fall! It's exciting to see family-friendly movies in theaters! Here is a list of the ones we know about:

All Saints in theates now
Because of Gracia in theaters starting September 15
Greg Laurie Presents Steve McQueen: American Iconin theaters September 28
A Question of Faith in theaters September 29
Mully in theaters October 3-5 (tickets purchsed early donate $15 for orphans in Kenya and the U.S.)
Let There Be Light in theaters October 27
The Price of Fame in theaters November 7
The Star: The Story of the First Christmas in theaters November 17 (If you would like a pre-screening preview on 10/21 in Rocklin, please email Terrie at and request the link. This is for ministry leaders only, and you can bring one guest and up to three children with you).

Job & Ministry Opportunities
Pulpit Available
First Bapitst Church of Lincoln has a good solid wood pulpit available to any church which may have a use fo rit. Call 916-645-2428 or email  First come-first served.

Urgent Need: Preschool Teacher Interns
Teachers needed wot tork with the preschool program at Lake Tahoe. Teachers must be studying or have a dregree in Early Childhood, Child Life, Child Development, or Human Development and Family Studies. You need 12 semester hours in any combination fo these types of classes to qualify as a preschool intern. Round-trip air fare, housing, food money,a nd local ministry-related transportation provided plus a $500 monthly stipend. 
For more information: Debbie Wohler Reasoner-Internship Coordinator: 530-448-9359 (Eastern Time) or, Jayme Blanton, A+ Director: 530-583-1534 (Pacific Time) or, Pastor Scott Capshaw: 530-583-7458 (Pacific Time) or  

Live-In Home Health Care Helper
A pastor from Suisun whose parents live in Sacramento needs to find 24/7 live-in assistance for his mother and her husband. Please contact Pastor Richard Guy from Grace Baptist Church of Suisun. His number is 707-290-3200.

Children's Ministry Volunteers
New Seasons church has a need for temporary/short term volunteers in their children’s church ministry.
Trained, experienced volunteers with proper clearances, and pastor approval preferred.
For more information contact Pastor Ron Jackson – 619-540-9294 or

Youth Leader Internship
First Baptist Church of Winters (FBCW) is seeking a Youth Leader Intern.
The job requires about 15 hours of work each week, offers a competitive salary along with a generous budget for Youth activities. The youth group consists of 10-20 students at the Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday gatherings.
For more information, contact the church at 530-795-2821 or

Youth Director 
New Hope Community Church (NHCC) in South Sacramento is searching for a part time (20 hr/wk) youth director. The position will report directly to the senior pastor and offers a competitive salary and some flexibility of work hours. The intent is to grow the position to full time and eventually a pastoral position. Some Bible college or seminary study is a plus, and candidate must be a self-starter.

For a full job description and other information, please contact NHCC board of deacons:
Board of Deacons
New Hope Community Church
1821 Meadowview Road
Sacramento, CA 95832  

Unique Mission Project Opportunity: Supporting Seminary Students and Persecuted Christians in Myanmar
What your church can do:
1. Show a five-minute video in your service about the ministry
2. Have 1-2 leaders/contact persons to lead this project in your church who can explain the importance of this project and what it is accomplishing and who can oversee the sell of the bracelets used to raise the money as well as forward the money to The Church on the Rock in Canada. (See below for more details). (If you are near the Sacramento area, we can provide a leader/speaker to coordinate with your church if you are willing to let us come and share).
3. Commit to sell at least 100 bracelets. (They are really beautiful and are hand-made by the families in Myanmar).
4. Contact Claudia Wreyford at 916-944-2225 with any questions or to adopt this project in your church.
The Church on Cypress in Carmichael has partnered with The Church on the Rock in Canada for many years. We need churches who, as part of their mission activities, would be willing to join us in supporting the mission churches in Myanmar. This project provides financial support for a lay pastor seminary (training 70-90 men from 15 outlying villages) as well as aiding Christian families being persecuted there. 
The families are making Kumihimo (braided) Bracelets which will then be offered for sale through churches here in the US. 100% of all monies collected go to the mission in Myanmar. There are no administrative costs. All work here is done by volunteers. 
We currently have 1,000 bracelets ready for sale, we just need your help by including this as one of your mission projects.  Here are links to both the informational video available for your use and to pictures/information on the Myanmar Mission activities:
Click here: Myanmar Mission Pictures Or: 

29   Youth Leaders Meeting
       6 pm at El Camino Baptist Church
       Contact Gregory Horton
       415-684-4549 or

29   Deep Love Live Simulcast with Drs. Les and Leslie Parrot
Take a step toward deepening the marriages in your church
Call 1-888-235-7948 for more information
Video about the seminar 

30   Prepared to Answer: Where Faith and Culture Collide, Simulcast
       with Lee Strobel and Mark Mittelberg, Inciite Events

1-3   11th Annual Adult Conference
         First Baptist Church of Orangevale
         8998 Central Avenue (at Pecan Avenue)
         916-988-1139 or email 

2-5  Pastor & Ministry Leader Retreat
       Camp Cazadero, $115 (includes 4 days, 3 nights, & 8 meals)

    Pastor and Staff Lunch
      12:00-1:30 pm, Bring your lunch
       Roseville Baptist Church, 1301 Coloma Way

5-7   Beth Moore - Living Proof Live and You Lead Training
         More information:  or
         or call 800-254-2022

6-8   Mother/Daughter Retreat at Jenness Park
        Pricing, details, and online registration at

13-23  Malawi Mission Trip with Internatonal Commission
           Contact Sonia Burnell  at or 916-784-2372

14    2nd Saturday Outreach
        10 AM - 1st Time orientation

19    SRBN Annual Celebration
        7 pm

21    Piercing the Darkness 
        A faith-fueled summit for those on the frontline
        of empowering and protecting children from
        social injustice and human trafficking
        FREE, at The Artisan 
        Info and registration
        Contact: Chris Stambaugh (916) 952-7880

24-25  CSBC Annual Meeting
           Magnolia Church, Riverside, CA
           For More information: 
           (Fellowship of Church Musicians’ Conference-Oct. 23-24 
            and other meetings at the Annual Meeting as well.  
          Be sure to check out CSBC for details).

7   Minister and Staff Lunch
     12 pm to 1:30 pm, bring your own lunch
     Roseville Baptist Church, 1301 Coloma Way

11    2nd Saturday Outreach
        10 AM - 1st Time orientation

1-2  Disaster Relief Roundtable for Cal Blue Caps
       More details:

5   Minister and Staff Lunch
     12 pm to 1:30 pm, bring your own lunch
     Roseville Baptist Church, 1301 Coloma Way

9   2nd Saturday Outreach
     10 AM - 1st Time orientation

28-30  Ignition Student Conference
          Sacramento Convention Center
          Learn more:


SRBN Youth Leaders Meeting

Friday, September 29, 6 pm
El Camino Baptist Church
2805 El Camino Ave., Sacramento

We had a great first meeting!
Join us for the next meeting next Friday!

For more info: Gregory Horton

11th Annual Adult Conference

Please join us at the 11th Annual
Adult Conference
Fun, Fellowship, and Spiritual Renewal
October 1-3, 2017

First Baptist Church of Orangevale is hosting its eleventh annual Adult Conference on October 1-3. Everyone is welcome to this free event.

The conference begins Sunday, October 1, at 4:00 PM, with a barbecued chicken picnic provided by First Baptist Church of Orangevale. At 5:00 PM, worship leader John McDaniel will lead us in a “Songfest” of favorite hymns and choruses.

At 6:00 PM there will be a time of worship led by John, followed by a message from our keynote speaker Dr. Carl Morgan, pastor of Woodland United Fellowship, archaeologist, and Director and Curator of the Woodland Museum of Biblical Archaeology.

The conference continues Monday and Tuesday mornings with breakout sessions starting at 9:30 AM and a coffee break at 10:30 AM. A time of worship begins at 11:00, followed by another inspiring message. Each day will end with lunch. Monday’s is provided by First Baptist Church of Orangevale, and Tuesday’s is a potluck.

First Baptist Church of Orangevale is located at 8998 Central Avenue (at Pecan Avenue). For more information, call 916-988-1139 or email 

California Mission Offering
September is California Mission Offering month: a Season of Prayer and Offering for California Missions.
Since the entire month is designated for California missions, churches are encouraged to use materials – poster, bulletin insert/prayer guide, videos and other resources – to observe the prayer and offering emphasis throughout the month.
Theme for 2017 is “It Begins With You" based on Acts 1:8. The goal for the 2017 Offering is $375,000. Gifts to the offering will support church starting, healthy church evangelism projects, disaster relief and mission action, associational projects and mission support.

Purposes for the offering are to:

  • Educate California Southern Baptists concerning the urgent need of reaching our state for Jesus Christ.
  • Encourage California Southern Baptists to pray for California missions and state missionaries who work with churches to share the Gospel.
  • Encourage California Southern Baptists to go on mission and share their faith.
  • Encourage California Southern Baptists to give so missionaries and ministries throughout the state can be deployed to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ
Pastors and Staff Retreat

October 2-5, 2017
Camp Cazadero
$115 (includes 4 days, 3 night, and 8 meals)
Details and online registration: 

Beth Moore/You Lead Training

October 5-7
Golden 1 Center

SRBN Annual Celebration!

SRBN Annual Celebration!
October 19th
Join in the fellowship at 6:30 pm
Celebration starts at 7 pm
Country Oaks Baptist Church
9717 Bond Road, Elk Grove

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