Network News - November 16, 2018
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Network News - November 16, 2018

Mission Team
Woodland United Fellowship is looking to partner with an area church in the Summer of 2019 to possibly assist in hosting a block party VBS, or other summer outreach ministries that a church may need help with. Thank you in advance for any connections you can give.

Les Toland

James and Kate Radford Embark on Unique Ministry
James and Kate Radford adn their three children are teaming with the Imagine Church, Phoenix, AZ, and their "RV Lifestyle Community" to do ministry around the country with the many RV Communities. They covet your prayers and also need your support. 
To read more, click here.
To give, click here

Our offices will be closed Wednesday and Thursday next week, and we are always closed on Fridays. May God bless you with family, friends, great food, and many blessings for which to be thankful over this holiday. 

Senior Pastor for Bridgeport Christian Fellowship
Bridgeport Christian Fellowship, an SBC affiliated church, located in Bridgeport, California is seeking a full-time pastor. The town of Bridgeport has a seasonal population of 500-800 people and is situated in the Eastern Sierra, at an elevation of 6500 feet. Although it is located in a naturally beautiful area, it is in a remote, rural setting where medical services and amenities are at least an hour away.

Bridgeport Christian Fellowship is an Elder led church with a congregation of approximately 20 members, and a seasonal attendance that fluctuates between 20-35. Our common goal is to worship and deepen our relationship with the Lord, to understand and pursue God's will, and to encourage others in faith. The current services and ministries are Sunday morning Bible Study, Sunday Worship Service, Wednesday evening Bible Study, a jail ministry, Spanish Bible Study, and community outreach events.  

Our Pastor and Elders are the spiritual leaders of the church and maintain oversight of those performing the corporate duties. The Pastor will meet the Scriptural qualifications of 1 Timothy and Titus. We are seeking a man with a "Pastor's heart" for his congregation and community, being a living example. He will demonstrate his passion for Jesus Christ through his worship, but also through his outreach to the church body and local community, discipleship, counseling and leadership.

Compensation is to be determined and will include use of the parsonage which is adjacent to the church (3 bdrm., 2 1/2 bath, 2 car garage.)

After prayerful consideration, if you sense God's calling, you may submit a resume with your responses to the supplemental questions, and a list of 10 references. Submissions may be sent to either our mailing or email address. Please note that we are seeking a Pastor who personally follows Jesus Christ and the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message.

Bridgeport Christian Fellowship
Attn: Pastor Search Committee
P.O. Box 676
Bridgeport, CA 93517
Email contact:

Supplemental questions: 
Tell us your salvatoin story. How is Christ working in your life today?
Why are you a pastor?
How will you reach our community for Christ?
Is there anything more you would like to tell us?

For more information about Bridgeport:,_California
Bridgeport Christian Fellowship on Facebook
Bridgeport CA on Facebook

22 Wooden Pews Available
West Sacramento Baptist has approximately 22 wooden pews 14-16 feet long available for anyone who may want or need them. Contact 

Study Books Available
Our church has excess study books of the LifeWay Bible Studies for Life Small Groups series. We are interested in selling them at a much reduced price. We have 25 different titles with leader’s guide CD plus student books of each category. If anyone is interested, please contact me directly at 530-753-4315 or







Beyond Belief









Do Over



God Is…



Honest To God






Let Hope In



Like Glue



Like No Other



More Than Enough






Pressure Points












Resilient Faith



Stand Strong



Storm Shelter



The Dark Side






Unstoppable Gospel



Unvarnished Truth



When Relationships Collide




Large Shipping Container for Sale
Hillsdale Blvd. Baptist Church has a large shipping container for sale. If you are interested, please contact Sharlotte at 

Part-Time Student Youth Director
Local church is actively searching for a highly motivated individual that is passionate about Christ and Youth. This individual must be a committed Christian, with a strong desire to see students grade 7-12 come to know Christ and mature in their faith. Responsibilities include teaching Sunday Bible Study, and leading Wednesday night Youth Bible study, planning/overseeing youth activities and outings. Assist others to develop a strong Youth Outreach Program, work with Pastoral staff, and be a Team Player. The position is part-time with up to 12hours per week. If interested, and for further information, please contact Sam Ibarra @ 916-947-5069, or at

Bi-Vocational Worship Leader 
Madison Avenue Baptist Church is looking for a person to be our worship leader to lead congregational singing during the morning and evening worship services. The position is a bivocational position, we have a pianist and a key boardist, we have a congregation of about 25 on Sunday morning, and 10 on Sunday evening. We are offering a stipend of $100 a week. If interested call Ed Thompkins at 916-274-9708 or George David at 916-342-5741.

English Pastor - Sacramento Korean Baptist Church
Part time position includes preaching and leading Bible study on Sundays and leading a small group during the week. Must be SBC ordained pastor with an MDiv. Pay is $1100 (negotiable). 
Send resume to or call 916-966-0191 for more information.

Pastor - Valley Baptist Church in Salinas
Please see the file for details: Pastor Job Description 

Worship Leader - Sutter Creek Baptist Church
Worship Leader needed for small foothill Baptist Church for Sunday Morning traditional worship service only. Call Bill at 916-599-1318.

Children's Ministry Volunteers
New Seasons church has a need for temporary/short term volunteers in their children’s church ministry.
Trained, experienced volunteers with proper clearances, and pastor approval preferred.
For more information contact Pastor Ron Jackson – 619-540-9294 or

Youth Leader Internship
Our church is seeking to fill a vacant position for Youth Leader Intern immediately, and we are reaching out to other churches and Christian organizations in the area with hopes of finding the right person (or couple) for the job.  We are a small-town conservative church, and our active Youth Group currently consists of 8 – 15 students at our Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday gatherings.  The position will require about 15 hours of work each week.  We will offer a salary of $750 - $1000, along with a generous budget for Youth activities.
We hope you would be willing to share our description with anyone who you feel would be a great addition to our team at FBCW.   Please respond and we will send the application as a pdf file, or interested parties may contact the church at 530-795-2821 to schedule an interview.  

Regional Ministry Director and Chief Financial Operating Officer for Great Commission Association of Southern Baptist Churches
Two employment opportunities for GCA. For more information, please contact Jeff Helton at, 615-496-9860
Or read more here: Regional Ministry Director or Chief Financial Operating Officer

16-18   Mission Fest 2018

            First Baptist Church, Fair Oaks
            for more information: Missions-First Baptist Church of Fair Oaks

MissionFest 2018 Open to All

First Baptist Church Fair Oaks is holding their first annual Missions Conference, November 16-18, 2018. Everyone is invited to attend this FREE event to get an up-close and personal look at opportunities available to serve, pray, give and go with ministry organizations including:

  • International Mission Board
  • North American Mission Board
  • Woman’s Missionary Union
  • Gateway Seminary
  • California Southern Baptist Convention
  • Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Ministries
  • Sacramento Region Baptist Network
  • Women of Fair Oaks Ministries
  • Operation Christmas Child
  • Alternatives Pregnancy Center
  • Awana

Come and meet missionaries and staff to hear how the gospel is being proclaimed in our communities, around the region, and around the world. This free event is for the entire family! Childcare is provided for kids 5 and under (call to reserve your spot). Saturday morning there is a special hands-on interactive program for school-age children where they will learn about missionaries in Peru. 

Friday 11/16

7 :00 - 8:30 pm


Worship Around the World



Saturday 11/17

8:30 am - 12:00 pm w/continental breakfast


Mission Workshops/Kids’ Interactive Event



Sunday 11/18

9:00 - 10:30 am w/coffee & snacks


Festival of Mission Displays


10:45 am - Noon


Special Mission Worship Service

We hope to see you there! Call if you have questions or need childcare.

First Baptist Church Fair Oaks
4401 San Juan Avenue
Fair Oaks CA 95628

29         Disaster Relief - Ham Radio Operators
California Southern Baptist Disaster Relief would like to use your passion and skills, whether you have your own Ham Radio equipment of not. If you are a licensed operator or a DR volunteer, and are willing to help in the event of a major disaster in California, you are invited to attend a free Disaster Relief training on Thursday, November 29, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Ministry Resource Center in Fresno. Lunch will be provided.

Register online or download the mail-in form.

2          Winds of Faith Christmas Concert
Town & Country Lutheran Church, Sacramento
             4049 Marconi Avenue

             6:00 pm
             Free concert, a freewill offering will be taken during the concert for the Ensemble

The concert will include a variety of familiar sacred and secular Christmas music built around the theme--“The Story”. Other selections will include “O Holy Night”, “Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus” with Jim Tilton, Narrator, Jester Hairston’s “Mary’s Little Boy Child”, with Carole Brewer, vocal soloist and “Do You Hear What I Hear?”, with Todd Peterson, vocal soloist, and music from “Polar Express”. 

9          Winds of Faith Christmas Concert
St. Augustine of Canterbury Episcopal Church
            1800 Wildcat Blvd, Rocklin
             6:00 pm
             Free concert, a freewill offering will be taken during the concert for the Ensemble
The concert will include a variety of familiar sacred and secular Christmas music built around the theme--“The Story”. Other selections will include “O Holy Night”, “Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus” with Jim Tilton, Narrator, Jester Hairston’s “Mary’s Little Boy Child”, with Carole Brewer, vocal soloist and “Do You Hear What I Hear?”, with Todd Peterson, vocal soloist, and music from “Polar Express”. 

27-29    Ignition Student Conference at the Ontario Convention Center
            Ignition is a high-energy conference for students in grades 7012, college age, leaders and parents
            A $20 deposit is due when registering

17-19    2019 Ministers' Wives Retreat - Jenness Park
             Register at
             Cost: $190 

Run the Race in theaters February 22. Watch the trailer here.
The Least of These in theaters in 2019. Watch the trailer here.

Sermon: A Feast Without End by Jeremy McKeen for Christianity Today
The essence, importance, and experience of contentment are rooted in relying on God. 

This morning as we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving this Thursday, I wanted to talk about the importance of contentment. And who better to teach us about contentment than Solomon, the man who had everything and learned that better things and better circumstances are not the secret to contentment. In Ecclesiastes, Solomon is writing as an old man. He’s looking back on his life, and he’s sharing from his mistakes. He’s mentoring us on how to live a life of lasting joy in a world where things don’t last. Solomon’s whole point in this book is not that life is meaningless; it’s that life is short. Life’s a vapor, and so the question is, how do we get a sense of lasting joy and contentment in a world where nothing lasts? That’s what he sets out to answer and that’s why today’s message is titled “A Feast Without End,” because what Solomon is going to teach us is how to experience a feast without end in a world where every feast ends.

(Read Ecclesiastes 5:18-20)

It is glaringly obvious from this passage that God wants you and me to enjoy life. It’s right here: The God of the Bible—the true God—wants you to eat and drink and find enjoyment, so you know what this means … guilt free seconds on Thursday! We’ve got the biblical warrant for it right here. But obviously, the main thing that God is driving at through the wisdom of Solomon here is the experience of contentment. Contentment is the real and lasting feast. In Proverbs 15:15, he says that a cheerful heart, or a contented heart, has a continual feast. Contentment is a feast without end. No matter where we are, who we are, or what we have, true Christianity is meant to be a feast of contentment in the soul, which means becoming a Christian is like pulling up to a feast.

But Solomon knows something. He knows that there’s nothing new under the sun and that so many people are living with discontentment. In every congregation that’s meeting today, in every home, in every bar, in every stadium, in every hospital and health club, there’s someone who thinks, If only I were like him or like her. If only I were stronger. If only I were taller, cuter, smarter, younger, healthier, or wealthier, then I would be happy. If only my parents were different, if only my kids were different, or my job were different, then I would be set; I would be satisfied. The very fact that we think this only goes to show that we need to reconsider our whole approach to contentment.

But what is contentment? Why does contentment really matter, and how do we get it? Those are the three aspects of contentment that I want to look at from this passage. We are going to look at the essence of contentment, the importance of contentment, and the experience of contentment.
Read the rest of the sermon/article here.

A Key Component of Thankfulness: Joy by Jonathan Smith for Ministry Tech

This time of year we tend to focus on thankfulness, and for good reason. November is when we celebrate Thanksgiving. Our gratitude should then spill over into the December season of giving and rejoicing as we celebrate our Savior’s birth. Sometimes though we leave out a key component of thankfulness: joy.

It is easy to be thankful without any joy. Most would say they are thankful to live in a free nation like ours but are quick to complain about our government and elected officials. Joyful thankfulness is grateful, but also content with the blessings and will of the Lord — even when we don’t get our way.

Galatians 6:9 says, “Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary.” Part of doing good is doing it with joyful thankfulness. Often times we grow weary. Things at work are hard. Ministry is difficult. Our boss is unreasonable. Our children are challenging. Our candidate didn’t win. Our health isn’t good. Our schedule is crazy. Hard times abound.

The Bible talks a lot about thankfulness, it also talks a lot about why we should be thankful.

What He Did

I don’t think it is an accident our calendars have us celebrating Thanksgiving before Christmas. If you focus on what Jesus went through so we could have eternal life and you’ll find it hard to be joylessly unthankful. Jesus left the Father, came to earth as a man, died, and rose again all for us. On our worst day, none of us are facing that. Focusing on what He did for you will help you focus on the right thing, with thankfulness and joy.
Read the full article here.

The Attitude of Gratitude Make-It-Yourself Game from Mr. Mark's Classroom


Sunday School/Small Group Leader Training


Northern California Sunday School/Small Group Leader Training
August 24, 2019 (pre-session training on August 23 for Associational leaders)
Tentatively in Vacaville
For all teachers, leaders, and small group facilitators

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