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You can receive free resources to use in leading your church to pray for the association and the churches in our area. Let's cover our region with prayer this May!

An association of churches does what your local church does with one huge difference. It does it with churches, not with individuals. An association of churches trains churches; encourages churches; visits churches when they are sick; helps churches have babies (start new churches); helps bury old churches when they die; counsels churches when they are confused or wayward; and celebrates special occasions with churches. An association of churches is the formal expression of love and concern to a church from all the other churches. It harnesses the synergy that exists when churches team together in a common endeavor. It magnifies the Christian influence and sense of Christian presence in a community.

Sacramento Region Baptist Network does the following for your church:

  1. Provides you with professional representatoin in the larger denomination and community through the services of a Director of Missions.
  2. Opens your church and ministry to national resources by linking you to the California Southern Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention. You become eligible to receive training and elegible for loans and grants.
  3. Gives your church an uninterrupted gateway to world ministry through linking you to the Southern Baptist Convention and the larger denomination.
  4. Provides the leaders of your church with a support group.
  5. Keeps you in touch with your sister church through newsletters, directories, meetings, and conversations with other ministers and the Director of Missions.
  6. Lends legitimacy to your ministry by associating your church with the good reputations and long history of a larger group of churches that hold you accountable to a higher standard.
  7. Provides training to pastors & churches through the Church Growth and Missions Growth Councils of the association.
  8. Gives your church help in finding quality staff and pastors through the national and world-wide networking activities of the Director of Missions's office.
  9. Offers professional church consulting and strategy planning through the training and experience of your Director of Missions.
  10. Coordinates and coaches church planters and congregations that wish to plant new churches or replant their church through the expertise, network and training provided by the association staff.
  11. Serves as a hub and corporate umbrella for a class of community ministries not usually sponsored by the local congregation by seeking out church members of calling and passion to match up wtih pressing community ministry needs.

With Mother's Day and Father's Day approaching, here are some Parenting Articles and Ministry Ideas:
39 Things All Fathers Should Want Their Daughters to Know
I love my daughter. As she prepares for adulthood there is so much I want her to know and experience. But yesterday, Ike Reighard, the senior pastor of Piedmont Church in Marietta, GA, summed up everything I was feeling. His incredible message “What I would want my girls to know if I wasn’t here tomorrow” if a must-listen-to by all fathers. You can click HERE to hear Ike’s sermon on-demand.

The following are 39 Things All Fathers Should Want Their Daughters To Know I captured from Ike’s message. Every point is a quote from him. Get ready to be inspired and equipped as a father!

  1. I wanted stability for them.
  2. If you obey God you will prosper in your life.
  3. The Christian life is a marathon.
  4. I want you to know how much I love you.
  5. I’m proud to be your dad.
  6. You don’t have to find a prince to be a princess.  You’re already a princess because your Heavenly Father is a king.
  7. My priorities are my faith, my family, and my friends.
  8. I always wanted to be a father my kids would not be embarrassed to bring their friends home to.
  9. I want you to be saved and know Him as Lord.
  10. Follow the Lord in baptism.
  11. Serve Jesus with your life.

Read the rest here

Having a "Tech Wise Family" is so important. Here is Andy Crouch's advice on this topic from a Barna interview:

5 Principles for Inviting Children to Jesus in a Shifting Culture by Chris Hefner from LifeWay Pastors.
Jesus' interaction with children from Matthew 19:13-15 is an instructive passage for churches today. You remember the story. Parents were bringing their children to Jesus, and the disciples were sending them away. Jesus rebuked his disciples and received the children. It is obvious from Jesus' example that he cares deeply about younger generations.
As our culture moves to become decidedly more post-Christian, churches will have some challenging issues to address--not the least of which is how they will introduce children and students to Jesus. Churches need to be willing to adapt in order to effectively invited children and young people to Jesus. Following are five principles for inviting children to meet Jesus in a shifting culture.
Value People More Than Programs
Churches that value people more than programs will have the chance to succeed in introducing more children to Jesus. You're likely familiar with the last words of a dying church, "We've never done it that way before." Programs have life cycles. There is a reason they worked so well in the past or in a different context. Programs (especially children's programs) should be allowed to die, replaced or adapted to fit the dynamics of your church's context. People and their growth in Christ matter much more than allegiance to a failing program.
Recognize and Adapt
Read more here.

The Joy and Pain of Consistent Parenting from One Degree to Another
"Discipline your son, and he will give you rest; he will give delight to your heart." (Proverbs 29:17)
This morning I awoke at 12:30AM to the blood-curdling screams of my two-year old daughter. She wanted a new band-aid for her toe. Her screaming fit caused her one-year old brother to wake up as well. We got her back in bed and she continued to cry, and her brother did too. I had only been in bed for an hour and a half and needed to be up in four hours, yet I laid wide awake listening to my youngest two children cry on the other side of the wall. This has happened multiple times in the last few weeks. Parenting is hard.
This morning my youngest daughter came downstairs and into the dining room as I was finishing my breakfast and devotion. "Daddy, can we dye Easter eggs today?"
"We dyed Easter eggs Saturday and don't have any left. We'll do it again next year."
"Noooooooo! I want to do it today!"
"Please don't start the day like this. Mom and Dad are tired."
I tell these two stories from the last twelve hours of my life not to arouse your sympathies, but because I know I'm not alone in feeling too tired to be a faithful parent who lovingly teaches and correcting my children for the good of their souls. Persevering in loving, consistent, discipline and teaching is the hardest thing parents have to do. When our children disobey, either pretending like it didn't happen or losing our temper with our kids feels like the easiest thing to do. We have homes to clean, jobs to work, projects to complete, rest to get, and unfortunately, phones to stare at. This all feel [sic] more pressing and important than consistent parenting.
Read the rest here.

Nine Parenting Lesson from the School of Hard Knocks from One Degree to Another
Parenting certainly has been different than I imagined it would be as we prepared to welcome our first daughter into the world a dozen years ago. For one thing, I grew up with nothing but brothers, so I never imagined having three daughters and one son. I also figured that by the time I was an almost forty-year-old man I would know exactly how to parent my children because I already had so many great parenting theories as a twenty-seven-year-old man with no kids.
In many ways, parenting has been a school of hard knocks for me because I never thought that my children would actually be sinners who ignored or rebelled against what I told them instead of being a mindless automaton who always said, “Yes sir, Dad. I’ll do that right now.” Through every one of my four children shattering my misconceptions about parenting, dealing with my own sin, learning how to work together with Beth to parent our children well, and seeing what a joy and blessing children can be, I’ve learned a lot on this journey.
What follows is not an exhaustive list of everything that needs to be said about parenting, but these are nine lessons I have learned along the way.
Read the rest here.

Making the Most of May by Rob Hurtgen from LifeWay Pastors is a challenging article to help us think through how we approach Mother's Day, Grad Recognition, and Memorial Day as ministers.
I know that ministry during the month of May is going to include three things: a nod to Mothers Day, Graduation recognition, and wondering who will be travling and who will be sticking around for Memorial Day weekend. Certainly more than those three calendar events are going to happen, and I do not want calendar events to drive my ministry priorities, but I also want to recognize these events because not only are my people are [sic] thinking about them but I want to receive them as gifts to make the most of.
I have had some perspective changes toward these and other calendar events that have helped turned [sic] them towards the gospel. I want to not only recognize calendar driven events, but also apply the Colossians 5:16 and Ephesians 4:5 principle of making the most of every opportunity. In this article, I want ot present three choices pastors can make in how we recognize these calendar evetns and can make the most of them.
Honor Mother's Day or elevate biblical womanhood?
In our churches, we can choose to honor Mother's Day, be compassionate with those who struggle with the day, maybe preach an obligatory sermon from Proverbs 31, or we can elevate the calendar event by celebrating biblical womanhood...
Celebrate your graduates or commission them?
I feel fortunate to be serving a church that has high school and college graduates. I have served in churches where that was not the case. I do not want to minimize their achievements nor do I want to create a precipice for them to tumble down. I want the graduates that I am privileged to shepherd to not just graduate but to be commissioned as missionaries to their next chapter.
Read the entire article here. 

Job & Ministry Opportunities
Youth Leader Internship

First Baptist Church of Winters (FBCW) is seeking a Youth Leader Intern.
The job requires about 15 hours of work each week, offers a competitive salary along with a generous budget for Youth activities. The youth group consists of 10-20 students at the Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday gatherings.
For more information, contact the church at 530-795-2821 or or you can contact SRBN.

Education Internship
Education internship with stipend, housing, and airfare at Lake Tahoe, California
August 9 through December 22, 2017
4 Preschool interns and 4 School age interns needed.
We are looking for energetic, diligent, and happy people to join our team. We need leaders who possess strong character, are teachable, and who have a heart for working with children.
We will train you and invest in your life. All our lead staff have been either summer or semester staff. You will work with a team of eight other college students.
For more information, contact Debbie Wohler at 530-583-2925 or 530448-9359 or
Apply at:

Youth Director
New Hope Community Church (NHCC) in South Sacramento is searching for a part time (20 hr/wk) youth director. The position will report directly to the senior pastor and offers a competitive salary and some flexibility of work hours. The intent is to grow the position to full time and eventually a pastoral position. Some Bible college or seminary study is a plus, and candidate must be a self-starter.
For a full job description and other information, please contact NHCC board of deacons:
Board of Deacons
New Hope Community Church
1821 Meadowview Road
Sacramento, CA  95832

Bi-Vocational Pastor
Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church is in Northern California east of the city of Lincoln.  Led by the Spirit we seek to be a light house to our community desiring to reach our community for Christ. 
We believe in the fundamentals of the Christian faith, lean toward Calvinist doctrine, and believe in the eternal security of the believer.  We are a loving, praying church and support mission work throughout the world.  We seek to be a church for all age groups. 
We are seeking a bi-vocational pastor to lead our church.  The salary, days, and hours are negotiable. If you feel led by God to lead our church, please send your resume to Curt Simpson at
Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church
2384 Garden Bar Road
Lincoln, CA 95648


Free online seminar for pastors any time: Preach Better Sermons Conference
5-7  Father Son Retreat
       Jenness Park Christian Camp
       $55 per person

7     CBU Choir and Orchestra Concert, 6 pm
       First Baptist Church of Fair Oaks
       4401 San Juan Avenue, Fair Oak

11-22 Kenya Mission Trip
       International Commission
       Contact Sonia Burnell at; 916-784-2372

12-13  Prayer Revival Weekend
        Country Oaks Baptist Church
        9717 Bond Road, Elk Grove
        Friday: 7 pm
        Saturday: 9 am - 12:30 pm
        Child care provided

13    2nd Saturday Outreach
        10 AM - 1st Time orientation 

18-20 Urban Youth Workers Conference
         IMPOSSIBLE 20:17, $149,

19-21 Ministers' Wives Retreat 2017
         Jenness Park Christian Camp

19-20  Volunteer Weekend at Camp Alta, $20

20   Act Now: Addressing Health Issues in African American Communities
       New Love Ministries
       6412 Tupelo Drive, Suite H, Citrus Heights

21-28 Associational Missions Emphasis (AME)
        Week of Prayer and Mission Emphasis

3      By All Means Youth on Mission 2017
        1B Hispana el Calvarios/Calvary Baptist Church
        1321 Hudson Street, Redwood City
        register online

6      Pastors and Staff Lunch, 12 noon
        Roseville Baptist, 1301 Coloma Way
        Bring your own lunch 

10    2nd Saturday Outreach
        10 AM - 1st Time orientation

18-22 Middle & High School Camp Session 1
         Camp Alta

27-29 Hope Renewed/Purpose Driven 2017
         Pastor/Church Leader Event, So. Cal. 

9-12   Kids Camp, 4-6 grades, $155 

13-15 Kids Camp, 1-3 grades $140 

16-20 Middle/High School Wilderness Camp
          Session 2, Camp Alta, $225 

23-27 Middle/High School Wilderness Camp
          Session 3, Camp Alta, $225 

7-10 Special Ministries Camp
        18 & older, $280, (volunteers free) 

10-11 Global Leadership Summit simulcast

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