Network News - March 23, 2018
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Network News - March 23, 2018

April 15-21 is Volunteer Appreciation Week

Decision America Pastors Reception

On behalf of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, you and your spouse are cordially invited to a private pastors reception.

Come enjoy a time of fellowship and prayer in advance of the Franklin Graham Decision America California Tour coming in June. Hors d'oeuvres will be served.

Please RSVP on or before April 9th. For any questions, please contact Katherine Babinski at or 704-401-2605.

Communitywide prayer meeting to follow at Evangel Bible Church (1343 Hopkins St., Berkeley, CA 94702) at 7 P.M.

Date and Time
Thu, April 12, 2018
5:00 PM – 6:30 PM PDT

Skates on the Bay
100 Seawall Drive
Berkeley, CA 94710

Register online 

One-Day Prayer Events in California

City of Sacramento Community Activities

Worship Leader - Sutter Creek Baptist Church
Worship Leader needed for small foothill Baptist Church for Sunday Morning traditional worship service only. Call Bill at 916-599-1318.

Pastor Position in Mexico  San Felipe is a desert town on the western shore of the Sea of Cortez in Baja Mexico. Evangelical pastor sought who is excited about living in Baja, ministering to retirees and evangelizing the “snow-bird” community. This is a permanent, full-time position.
More details here.

Children's Ministry Volunteers
New Seasons church has a need for temporary/short term volunteers in their children’s church ministry.
Trained, experienced volunteers with proper clearances, and pastor approval preferred.
For more information contact Pastor Ron Jackson – 619-540-9294 or

Youth Leader Internship
Our church is seeking to fill a vacant position for Youth Leader Intern immediately, and we are reaching out to other churches and Christian organizations in the area with hopes of finding the right person (or couple) for the job.  We are a small-town conservative church, and our active Youth Group currently consists of 8 – 15 students at our Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday gatherings.  The position will require about 15 hours of work each week.  We will offer a salary of $750 - $1000, along with a generous budget for Youth activities.
We hope you would be willing to share our description with anyone who you feel would be a great addition to our team at FBCW.   Please respond and we will send the application as a pdf file, or interested parties may contact the church at 530-795-2821 to schedule an interview.  Thank you in advance for your assistance.
In Christ,
Pastor James  Allen  and the FBCW Stewardship/Personnel Committee

Regional Ministry Director and Chief Financial Operating Officer for Great Commission Association of Southern Baptist Churches
Two employment opportunities for GCA. For more information, please contact Terrie at or Jeff Helton at, 615-496-9860
Or read more here: 
Regional Ministry Director orChief Financial Operating Officer

Pastor - Valley Baptist Church in Salinas
Please see the file for details: Pastor Job Description 

North Bay School of Theology Registrar for San Quentin State Prison program
If you have administrative gifts, love Christian education, and carry a burden for those condiered by many as "marginal" people, here's a great opportunity for you!
The North Bay School of Theology serving San Quentin State Prison is looking for a program Registrar. Inmates at San Quentin are earning certificates and diplomas from Gateway Seminary's ADVANCE leadership development program. 
This is an amazing ministry! The Christian men who are serving and leading the Chruch behind the walls are eager to elarn and be better equipped to take their community into a deeper faith and maturity in Christ. 
Pastor Miguel Rodriguez of Lincoln Hill Community Church in San Rafael is the Program Director, supported by the Golden Hills Baptist Association and the Redwood Empire Baptist Association.
Are you ready to step up and serve a unique people group with your admin skills and your love of edcuationa nd mercy?
The need is URGENT, so please respond as soon as you are able. Contact Program Director Miguel Rodriguez at 


23      The Case for Miracles and the movie The Case for Christ, Lee Strobel's story at The Church on Cypress             5709 Cypress Avenue, Carmichael
      6-10 pm, free event, childcare provided, snacks provided
          Doors open at 5:30 pm
    Please RSVP 

24     Grace City Spring Cleaning
 9am-1pm, BBQ lunch provided
         Working to rebuild, restore, and renew the Dixieanne Neighborhood
         Sign up here.

25     Palm Sunday

28-30 Journey to the Cross
Capital City Baptist Church
          8050 Jacinto Road, Elk Grove

          10:30 am to 7:00 pm

29-31 Stations of the Cross
           The Church on Cypress
           5709 Cypress Avenue, Carmichael
           5-9 pm 

29       Passover Meal
           The Church on Cypress
           5709 Cypress Avenue, Carmichael
           6:30 pm
           Register online

30       Good Friday Service
           The Church on Cypress
           5709 Cypress Avenue, Carmichael
           6:30 pm

30     Good Friday

1      Easter Sunday

1      Community Easter Sunrise Service at Carmichael Park
        5750 Grant Avenue, Carmichael
        6:45 am

4-7   Disaster Relief Training - Petaluma
Learn more or register here.

6-8   Women's Retreat - The Woman God Sees
Camp Alta, $150 per person
         Contact Lori Coburn at
         Register online 

13-14  Tapestry - Women's Ministry and Missions Event
           First Baptist Church, Fair Oaks
           4401 San Juan Avenue
           Both days: $75 per person by March 30, $85 on-site
           Single day registration: Friday OR Saturday - $40 pre-registered, $45 on-site
           Register online at 

14       Count the Cost Training with Dr. Agee
           First Street Community Church, Lincoln

21     SRBN VBS Clinic - El Camino Baptist Church

26     Church & Small Business Security Summit
         9:30 am - 12:30 pm

           River City Christian Church
         10933 Progress Court
         Rancho Cordova, CA 95670
         Register online

2          Imagine Zero Missions Conference with the Seed Company and Barna Group
            Seed Company is hosting a free mini-conference
           for pastors and mission pastors to equip and
           reimagine how missions is done locally and
           around the world.
           9:30 am - 1:00 pm   
Golden Hills Community Church
             2401 Shady Willow Lane
             Brentwood, CA 94513
             Free, lunch will be provided
             Register online

4-6       Father/Son Retreat 2018 at Jenness Park
            For more information or to register, go here.

7-8       WorshipLIfe Event at CBU, Riverside
            $99 per person ($159 with meals)

7-10     Nor Cal Pastor and Ministry Leaders Retreat
Register online.

11-12   Volunteer Weekend at Camp Alta

18        Night of Worship & Celebration at Camp Alta
            Donation taken

18-20   Minister's Wives Retreat - Jenness Park
Register online.

20-27   Celebrate Baptist Associations - Baptist Association Emphasis Week

11-14    Day Camp Session 1 at Camp Alta - $130

17-21    ExO Session 1 at Camp Alta - $250

18-21    Day Camp Session 2 at Camp Alta - $130

8-11      4th-6th Kids Camp at Camp Alta - $155

11-13    1st-3rd Kids Camp at Camp Alta - $140

13-14    Basic Literacy Missions ESL Workshop - Carmichael
The Church on Cypress
             5709 Cypress Avenue, Carmichael
           For more information or to register, go here.

15-19    ExO Session 2 at Camp Alta - $250

16-19    Day Camp Session 3 at Camp Alta - $130

22-26    ExO Session 3 at Camp Alta - $250

29-Aug. 2 ExO Session 4 at Camp Alta - $250

2-5         ExO Couples at Camp Alta - $250

6-9         Special Ministries at Camp Alta - $280

Paul Apostle of Christ in theaters March 23, 2018, and free simulcast available from March 4-25 here.
I Can Only Imagine in theaters March 16, 2018
God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness in theaters March 30, 2018
Let There Be Light movie available for your church. Details here.

The Amendment in theaters April 12, 2018 (this is a Christian movie, but it is not suitable for children. It is based on a true story. Learn more here.)
The Dating Project in theaters April 17

Please pray for India. The persecution there is increasing. Here is one story of a pastor there that shows what life is like for believers in most of India: Hindu Extremist Slashes Pastor with Machete in India - But God Does the Miraculous

The Church in India is growing at an unprecedented rate, with house church leaders forging a burgeoning movement. In January 2015, more than 1 million people converted to Christianity at a single-tent revival event.

 Most leaders form house-church congregations that are part of a Protestant group, making it difficult to estimate their size. However, these non-traditional Christian communities are the biggest group of Christians in India, making up nearly 60 percent of Christians.

 They also bear the brunt of persecution in India and find themselves the first target of Hindu extremists. When you’re the one leading the church and sharing the gospel with others, that threat raises exponentially. Today, house-church leaders like Vipur* (pronounced Vee-pur) are constant targets of Hindu extremists who resort to all sorts of persecution—even violence and murder—to stop the spread of the gospel. But as the persecution increases, the passion of these leaders to spread the name of Jesus only grows more intense.  Here, Vipur shares his story and asks for your prayers …

The attack came out of nowhere. One minute, Vipur was walking home from a ministry meeting. The next, he was fighting for his life—unarmed—against a man wielding a machete.

The man, a Hindu extremist, hid behind a bush, waiting for his target—the 46-year-old house-church pastor from Madhya Pradesh.

Once, twice … five times the blade came down. The pastor was unable to fend off the brutal blows. Miraculously, Vipur managed to get away and limp home. His wife and friends rushed him to a local hospital, but everyone, including Vipur, feared the worst.

The clinic was not equipped to provide the help he needed, and he had lost so much blood. Death seemed imminent.

It was not the first time the church leader has feared for his life. Nor would it be the last.

For Vipur, his wife, and the couple’s three teens, persecution for their Christian faith is all too real in their home state, where 90.9 percent of the 75 million residents follow Hinduism, according to the 2011 Census. Hindu extremists regularly and brutally target Christians in the large central Indian state nicknamed the “Heart of India.”

Vipur has been beaten before.

“Wherever I go, persecution follows me,” he says.

But instead of giving up his ministry, leaving his village or hiding himself and his family in seclusion, Vipur chooses to press on despite growing persecution against Christians. He leads several house churches. Of the 60 members of Vipur’s house church movement, 40 were baptized. The others, he shares, are still “getting to know Jesus.”

The violence and threats against Vipur and his family have strengthened, not weakened, his passion to share the gospel.

“That’s what God tells me to do: to stay and be strong,” he says. “Besides, I cannot run. What’s the point of fleeing? Wherever I go to serve the Lord, persecution waits for me. Persecution is part of Christian life in India. God’s intention with persecution is to test our faith.”
Read the rest of the story here.

Second Impressions from Building Church Leaders
First impressions are important to first-time guests at your church, but the half-hour after service can determine whether they'll come back—and stay. Our research reveals three insights:

  1. "Friendliness of the people" is the most important thing newcomers look for.
  2. "Friendliness" is based on how many people talk to them.
  3. The most important time for "friendly talk" is immediately following the service.

My family moved recently, and we have visited a number of churches. I've found some simple, but significant ways to increase repeat visits.

  1. After-service hosts: A greeting time during the service is good if folks resume their conversation with the newcomer following the service. It's bad if they pretend nothing ever happened. If your people are not naturally congenial with newcomers, then appoint "hosts" for after the service. They are to make a beeline to newcomers, escort them to the coffee table, introduce them to others, and invite them back.
  2. The three-minute rule: In one church we visited, the pastor reminded the congregation that no one could talk to anyone they knew for at least three minutes after the service! It worked for us. We met a wonderful person who had been attending for the past year. Our conversation lasted over 15 minutes! And we'll look for her friendly face when we return.
  3. Church tour: Guests are hesitant to wander around, even though they'd like to. So, offer a short tour after service. It's a low-commitment, limited-time, high-information event. The guide explains activities that take place there throughout the week, and guests naturally ask questions. It's a much easier next step than, say, joining a membership class.
  4. Follow-up contact. It's standard for pastors to send a "thank you for visiting" letter. We got nice ones from every church we attended. But following our second visit to several of those churches—nothing.

In typical, plateaued churches, 9 percent of all first-time visitors join the following year. But among second-time visitors (twice in a six-week period), 17 percent join. And third-time guests unite at a rate of 36 percent in the ensuing year.

The pattern is similar for growing churches: 21 percent of first-timers, 38 percent of second-timers, 57 percent of third-timers return and join.

A unique follow-up contact with second-time guests is like planting seeds in good soil. A follow up strategy for third-timers is like bringing in a ripe harvest.

How to Reach the Easter Crowd by John Huffman, Jr. from CTPastors
Every pastor encounters them: the Christmas and Easter faces that appear in church only on the holiest of days. It's easy to grow cynical about the once-or-twice-a-year crowd. On the other hand, holidays provide the opportunity to touch the lives of the "under-churched." John Huffman's perspective, originally published in the Los Angeles Times, offers insight and hope.

How do I feel about Christmas and Easter attenders?
I am excited to see them. I have a great desire to observe someone come to life-saving faith in Jesus Christ and then become active in the community we know as Christ's church. That's why on Christmas Eve and Easter, I try to present the very essence of what it is to be born again spiritually by the power of Jesus Christ.

I try to understand them. There may be valid reasons why some people come only on holidays.
Perhaps they have had traumatic experiences in church—even Christians can be cruel. Some may have been burned out by committee work. Perhaps the church didn't really preach Jesus Christ and was just a social club. Some have even been spiritually abused by an overeager family member who has tried to force them into the faith.
Others may have suffered a major personal tragedy that has rendered them emotionally incapable of sitting through a worship service.
I have a dear friend who quit attending after her mother died. She told me: "I can't maintain my composure when I hear those familiar hymns sung. I break down sobbing and embarrass myself."
Eight years ago, when our daughter Suzanne died, it was very difficult for my wife, Anne, to come to church. During the next few months, she had to make her own lonely odyssey of grief, dealing with it her way, as I did with mine.
I needed to be in church. Anne needed a bit of distance before she could reenter.
She says, "Going to church to worship God, to sing 'How Great Thou Art,' was salt in the wound of my broken heart! Protest to God and worship are often contradictory, so I stayed away for several months."
She has in some ways moved beyond me since returning, using her professional training as a psychoanalyst to lead grief recovery workshops within the community of faith.
For many young people who leave the church during their college years, another reason is the need for spiritual autonomy. They need to stand back, reflect, to make certain they are not just jumping through religious hoops. The faith needs to be theirs personally. Many eventually find a fresh, personal dimension to their faith in Jesus Christ and return to church, where they grow and serve, but not necessarily to the congregations of their youth.
For others, it is simply a case of rebellion against God. These persons stay away because they don't believe in God or they are very hurt by something God has allowed them to experience. Or they may know they're living with some area of unconfessed sin and they don't want to be hypocritical.
Some people have never really understood what the Christian faith is all about. These two festive holidays are like the theater previews of coming attractions: they are interesting, they whet the appetite, but they are not the movie.
Christmas and Easter are not designed as an end in themselves, but to encourage a person to a full-time, 365-day-a-year commitment of one's life to Jesus Christ—finding forgiveness, meaning, and strength to live one day at a time, knowing that the name of one's higher power is Jesus Christ!
I am sad. I know that as much as we all pray and work, some will simply not take seriously the claims of Jesus Christ. There are those who may continue to attend for a period of time. Some will be radically converted. Others will drift back to their old lifestyles. This breaks my heart. Yet, even Jesus taught that not all will respond positively.
Finally, I am hopeful. Every Christmas and every Easter there are some who come home to Jesus. They see beyond the civic and religious festivities to the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ.
They come to understand that there is a God who created them with purpose and meaning. They come to understand that no one is perfect. They come to understand that God took human form in the person of Jesus Christ, to die for our sins and to be raised from the dead in victory over sin and death. They come to understand that one needs to receive freely the gift of God's grace that cannot be earned by religious activity, even church attendance.
They come to understand that God, knowing we cannot go it alone in the Christian faith, places us in his local community called the church, where we grow through worship, Bible study, fellowship, and service to others. And they enthusiastically join us in the realization that every weekend is Christmas and Easter, for every Sunday we celebrate the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ!


Women's Retreat 2018

At Camp Alta
April 6-8, 2018
$150 per person (can be paid in two $75 payments, due by March 29th)
Register here.
For more information, contact Lori Coburn at

Count the Cost Workshop led by Bill Agee

The Sierra Butte, Feather River, and SRBN want to invite you to a workshop directed at helping churches being planted or those in need of revitalization find their way as the church they were designed to be.  First Street Community Church (formerly First Baptist Church), Lincoln will host.

Churches – Fill out the CTC Information Request either online or hard mail to Fresno before April 10th.  This will give them time to populate the spreadsheets and have them at the workshop.  Their goal is for every participant to walk out with a spreadsheet and an initial plan of work.  


Saturday, April 21st
El Camino Baptist Church
2805 El Camino Avenue, Sacramento
8:30 - Registration
9:00-1:00 Rally and Training
Register here.

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