Network News - July 27, 2018
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Network News - July 27, 2018

Doing VBS in August or on a mission trip? Check out the announcements below. St. James is offering free decorations to anyone who wants them. 

SEPTEMBER is designated for California missions.
Churches are encouraged to use materials – poster, bulletin insert/prayer guide, videos and other resources – to observe the prayer and offering emphasis throughout the month.

The goal for the 2018 Offering is $435,000. Gifts to the offering will support:

  • church starting/revitalization
  • evangelism/missions/disaster relief
  • associations and season of prayer

Purposes for the offering are to:

  • Educate California Southern Baptists concerning the urgent need of reaching our state for Jesus Christ.
  • Encourage California Southern Baptists to pray for California missions and state missionaries who work with churches to share the Gospel.
  • Encourage California Southern Baptists to go on mission and share their faith.

Encourage California Southern Baptists to give so missionaries and ministries throughout the state can be deployed to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ

AB 2943
Dear California Pastors,

I was so encouraged to receive this letter from Pastor Dan Carroll and am sending it to you in case you didn't received it directly from him. Dan has discovered what I learned years ago when I first got involved in the struggle to retain and restore our constitutionally-provided freedom to practice our faith so that we can continue to minister to our congregations and those needing to know about Jesus. Individually we can move mountains and together we can turn around our community, our state, and our nation. Please read this letter, addressed to you, and respond - I know for many of you it will be a first step as it was for Dan, but we all know the power we have in Christ and that we must join hands with Dan in this effort for the sake of the people we pastor now and those we will pastor in the future.

Pastor Jim Garlow
Skyline Church

La Mesa, CA

Bi-Vocational Worship Leader 
Madison Avenue Baptist Church is looking for a person to be our worship leader to lead congregational singing during the morning and evening worship services. The position is a bivocational position, we have a pianist and a key boardist, we have a congregation of about 25 on Sunday morning, and 10 on Sunday evening. We are offering a stipend of $100 a week. If interested call Ed Thompkins at 916-274-9708 or George David at 916-342-5741.

Internship with Stipend at Lake Tahoe, California for Fall, 2018 and Winter/Spring, 2019
Fall 2018:We are looking for one preschool teacher/intern who has completed 12 semester hours in any combination of the following types of classes: Early Childhood, Child Life, Child Development, or Human Development and Family Studies. August 7-December 21, 2018
Spring 2019:We are recruiting 4 preschool teachers and 4 school age teachers. Preschool teachers must have the qualifications listed above.  School age teachers need 12 hours in any combination of the following types of classes: education, art, music, dance, theater, physical education, recreation, psychology, sociology, child development, nursing, or home economics. January 2-June 8, 2019
You will receive round-trip airfare, housing, food money, a $500 per month stipend, and local ministry-related transportation.  You will experience quality training and supervision.  Previous students tell us that this is a life changing experience, and highly recommend this opportunity to you.

Part-time Musician/Worship Leader
Roseville Baptist Church is seeking a musician to join a growing church family to provide accompaniment for the Sunday morning worship time. This is a part-time position with a salary range that will be commensurate with amount of work done. Please email Pastor David to submit a resume.

English Pastor - Sacramento Korean Baptist Church
Part time position includes preaching and leading Bible study on Sundays and leading a small group during the week. Must be SBC ordained pastor with an MDiv. Pay is $1100 (negotiable). 
Send resume to or call 916-966-0191 for more information.

Pastor - Valley Baptist Church in Salinas
Please see the file for details: Pastor Job Description 

Worship Leader - Sutter Creek Baptist Church
Worship Leader needed for small foothill Baptist Church for Sunday Morning traditional worship service only. Call Bill at 916-599-1318.

Pastor Position in Mexico  San Felipe is a desert town on the western shore of the Sea of Cortez in Baja Mexico. Evangelical pastor sought who is excited about living in Baja, ministering to retirees and evangelizing the “snow-bird” community. This is a permanent, full-time position.
More details here.

Children's Ministry Volunteers
New Seasons church has a need for temporary/short term volunteers in their children’s church ministry.
Trained, experienced volunteers with proper clearances, and pastor approval preferred.
For more information contact Pastor Ron Jackson – 619-540-9294 or

Youth Leader Internship
Our church is seeking to fill a vacant position for Youth Leader Intern immediately, and we are reaching out to other churches and Christian organizations in the area with hopes of finding the right person (or couple) for the job.  We are a small-town conservative church, and our active Youth Group currently consists of 8 – 15 students at our Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday gatherings.  The position will require about 15 hours of work each week.  We will offer a salary of $750 - $1000, along with a generous budget for Youth activities.
We hope you would be willing to share our description with anyone who you feel would be a great addition to our team at FBCW.   Please respond and we will send the application as a pdf file, or interested parties may contact the church at 530-795-2821 to schedule an interview.  

Regional Ministry Director and Chief Financial Operating Officer for Great Commission Association of Southern Baptist Churches
Two employment opportunities for GCA. For more information, please contact Terrie at or Jeff Helton at, 615-496-9860
Or read more here: 
Regional Ministry Director orChief Financial Operating Officer

Free Choir Music from El Camino Baptist Church. Contact Sallyann Brittain at 916-502-4277 or Debbie McGruder 916-402-1429 for more information or to schedule a time to pick up the music.

VBS Decorations from St. James Holy Missionary Baptist Church. We have large foam poater board football, drums set, Base ball and 3 locker room foam displays along with some wall decorations. Possibly some teaching materials also. Please contact me if interested. We want to clear things out by tomorrow.
Contact Rev. Larry Stephens
St. James Holy Missionary Baptist Church
3624 Stockton Blvd
Sacramento CA 95820

29-Aug. 2 ExO Session 4 at Camp Alta - $250

2-5        ExO Couples at Camp Alta - $250

6-7        CSEC (Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children) 102, 9 am-4pm
2-day training presented by survivors of commercial sexual exploitation who are national experts on the topic. Register at Any questions about the training can be sent to 
If you have not taken CSEC 101, you can go online to the CalSWEC website to take this training online at 

6-9        Special Ministries at Camp Alta - $280

9-10      Global Leadership Summit
             simulcasts available in our area

15         FREE simulcast - A Race for Unity
with Miles McPherson
             Find out more here.
  ***If your church hosts this event, please let SRBN know so we can help publicize where people can go to watch the simulcast. Thank you!

17         Andy Stanley "Deep & Wide" Conference
Mariners - 5001 Newport Coast Drive Irvine CA 92603
             Registration opens June 7 here

23-25    12th Annual Senior Adult Conference 
             The Church on Cypress
             5709 Cypress Avenue, Carmichael
             begins at 4 pm Sunday, September 23rd with a BBQ
             Register online 
             Free Event

6           SRBN Annual Celebration
   4-5:30 pm at El Camino Baptist Church
             2805 El Camino Avenue, Sacramento

22-24    CSBC State Convention Annual Meeting
            Clovis Hill Community Church
            10590 N. Willow Avenue
            Clovis, CA 93619

Let There Be Light movie available for your church. Details here.
I Can Only Imagine movie can now be hosted by your church. Details are here.
Beautifully Broken - Coming to theaters August 24th, is a true story about the Legacy Mission Villagein Nashville, TN. It is the story of how it came to be and the work it does today. Three Families in two different worlds - US and Africa - are connected and so many lives changed because of it. Watch the trailer here. 
An Interview With God - a movie coming to theaters via Fathom events August 20-22. WHAT WOULD YOU ASK God if you were sitting across the table from Him? The website and trailer are coming soon.
The Trump Prophecy - In theaters October 2 & 4.More information here. This is a movie about prayer
Michael Jr.'s More Than Funny: Everyone Has a Punchline in three theaters on October 18. Tickets only available through this link.
Unbroken: Path to Redemption in theaters September 14
Moses in theaters September 13 & 15. This is a play filmed in front of a live audience. 

Training to Ensure Safety for Children from CSBC
CSBC has partnered with an organization called MinistrySafe to provide online resources to help equip our churches in providing proper training to ensure a safe environment for children. Taking a proactive approach to child safety can significantly reduce your church’s exposure to allegations of abuse.

Child abuse in churches

Allegations of child sexual abuse are the Number 1 reason churches are named as defendants in civil suits. Convicted abusers range from pastors, elders and deacons, to Sunday school teachers, youth ministry leaders, even to other children as young as 5. Only rarely do predators come from outside the church.

Churches often are lulled into a false sense of security by gates and fences, locked doors and two trusted adults in a room. They rely on criminal background checks to identify prior offenders without realizing that the typical sexual predator has been active for years and victimized 150 or more children before ever having an encounter with law enforcement.

In at least one case, the number of victims exceeded 1,000 children and teens over more than 15 years — so many the offender had lost count by the time he was arrested and convicted.

At the Annual Meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention in Dallas June 12-13, the messengers adopted a resolution on on abuse that includes the following statements:

RESOLVED, That we call on pastors and ministry leaders to foster safe environments in which abused persons may both recognize the reprehensible nature of their abuse and reveal such abuse to pastors and ministry leaders in safety and expectation of being believed and protected; and be it further

RESOLVED, That church and ministry leaders have an obligation to implement policies and practices that protect against and confront any form of abuse

To read the resolution in its entirety, go here and select the "On Abuse" resolution.

What is MinistrySafe?

MinistrySafe co-founder Gregory S. Love is a recognized expert in legal standards of care related to child sexual abuse, providing crisis response to ministries and churches nationwide. Litigating sexual abuse cases across the United States, Love’s unique perspective provides valuable counsel to ministry and secular consulting clients including the United States Olympic Committee, Awana International, Nazarene Global Ministries, Bob Jones University, Methodist conferences and Baptist conventions and associations.

A shareholder and partner in the law firm of Love & Norris, Love creates loss control resources for insurance companies and regularly trains underwriting and risk management professionals to assess sexual abuse risk. He has been a guest lecturer at Texas Wesleyan School of Law, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Dallas Theological Seminary.

Elements of MinistrySafe's training

Learning the characteristics of abusers and how to properly screen and interview prospective employees and volunteers are among the elements of MinistrySafe’s five-part system of sexual abuse awareness and prevention that raises the bar on child safety to an entirely new level. This tried and true training has already been implemented by a number of Southern Baptist state conventions and seminaries, and is a LifeWay recommended resource. 

The process begins with online sexual abuse awareness training, then goes on to implementing a “skillful screening” process, which includes adopting a set of policies and procedures designed to change the way churches address the challenges they face, conducting background checks and putting a strategic monitoring and oversight system into operation.

Training plans

As part of its due diligence in the area of child safety, CSBC will begin implementing completion of MinistrySafe’s online Sexual Abuse Awareness Training as a mandatory prerequisite for all church staff and volunteers who accompany children, youth and teens to events at Jenness Park Christian Camp and other venues in 2019.

CSBC has a dedicated “portal” for churches to register for the MinistrySafe online training, and to enroll church employees, volunteers and interested members and attenders.

Cooperative Program giving by our churches subsidizes the cost of the program, allowing churches of all sizes to take advantage of the training at modest expense.

We hope your church will take full advantage of the MinistrySafe training program and resources as you care for the safety of your children.

7 Ideas for Improving Bible Engagement in Your Church by J. R. Briggs for CTPastors
An older neighbor of ours recently came over to the house. He was carrying a large box. After a little small talk, I welcomed him inside and motioned toward the box. “What’s this?” I asked.
“It’s a box of old Bibles.”
My neighbor had recently retired. He was moving into a smaller home and cleaning out his possessions. These Bibles had been in his family for a few generations. He wasn’t religious. Last year he told me he hadn’t been to church since before he served in Vietnam. He knew I was a pastor and thought maybe I’d want the Bibles. It was a kind gesture.
“You don’t want them?” I asked. “How about your kids. Would they want to keep them in the family?”
“No,” he said. “My wife passed away. My kids aren’t interested in them. They don’t read the Bible, and neither do I. If I throw them away, God might strike me dead or something.”
I almost laughed but realized he wasn’t kidding. He honestly thought God would punish him if he threw away the Bibles. The Bibles stayed with me. So did the conversation. It’s an extreme example of many people’s contradictory relationship with the Bible: they believe there’s something special about the Good Book, but they seldom, if ever, actually read it.
While Bible ownership and sales remain strong, Bible reading and engagement are down significantly. According to the Institute for Bible Reading, the average household in North America owns four Bibles and the average Christian household has 11 Bibles. Yet every day, 700 people stop reading their Bible for good.
As pastors, what are we to do with people who possess more Bibles than ever but have little interest in reading them? Furthermore, how can we move people beyond rote, check-the-box Bible reading and into practices of deep Scripture engagement?
Beyond Reading
How important is Scripture engagement? Greg Hawkins and Cally Parkinson, in their book Move, share their findings from researching spiritual growth in 1,000 churches. This was their conclusion:

Nothing has a greater impact on spiritual growth than reflection on Scripture. If churches do only one thing to help people at all levels of spiritual maturity grow in their relationship with Christ, their choice is clear. They would inspire, encourage, and equip their people to read the Bible—specifically, to reflect on Scripture for meaning in their lives. … The Bible’s power to advance spiritual growth is unrivaled by anything else we’ve discovered.

But Scripture engagement means more than merely reading the Bible’s words. According to Paul Caminiti, senior director of mobilization with the Institute for Bible Reading, Scripture engagement is about immersing ourselves in the Bible. We were meant to bathe in the Word, to soak in it. He says many people are told to just “pray and read their Bible.” We naively expect people to read their Bibles successfully without direction or guidance. The result, says Caminiti, is that people read the Bible in fragments, out of context, and in isolation. Caminiti suggests that the best way to reverse this shallow engagement is to teach people to read Scripture in larger portions, within its original context, and together in community.
Phil Collins, professor of Christian Educational Ministries at Taylor University, describes Scripture engagement as a process of marinating in and mulling over Scripture in a way that leads to transformative encounters with God. “It’s not for information or guilt or pride,” he says, “but to meet and know God. It is relational.” Collins says that this kind of engagement leads us to delight in God and his ways (Psalm 119).
How Can We Facilitate This Kind of Deeper Engagement?
First, we need to help people focus less on what and more on who. New Testament scholar Scot McKnight teaches that the goal of reading the Bible is not to know our Bible; it is to know the God of the Bible. We must have the proper end in sight: not more information, but a deeper relationship with God.
Second, we must read the Bible on the Bible’s terms, not our own. We do not stand over Scripture and interpret it. Instead, we place ourselves under Scripture and let it interpret us. The Bible has authority over our lives, not the other way around.
Third, we must help people see the book as a narrative compilation and not a reference manual for life. It is a story in which we participate. Glenn Paauw, author of Saving the Bible from Ourselves, says that even when people have access to a well-translated Bible they don’t necessarily engage it well. Snacking on little bits of Scripture is not what God intended. If people see it simply as a spiritual reference manual, says Paauw, it will never inspire them to engage with joy, excitement, and anticipation. But if we help people see the Bible as a grand story in which God invites us to participate, it can inspire and transform.
One fall morning, a few years ago, I looked out the living room window and noticed our neighbor’s tree changing colors.
“Look!” I said to my five-year-old son, putting my finger up to the glass and pointing at the resplendent tree.
He looked and slowly turned back to me with one eyebrow raised.
“What, Daddy?”
“Don’t you see it? It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”
He followed my finger again and then looked back again at me, blankly.
Insistent, I continued: “You don’t think that tree is beautiful with all of those colorful leaves?”
“What tree?”
I realized my son thought I was referring to the small speck of dirt on the window, which was quite close to where my finger pointed. He was looking at the window, not through it.
Many people take this approach to reading the Bible. They focus on the Bible rather than what the Bible reveals. Help people read the Bible in a way that enables them to see the whole world differently.
7 Practices to Foster Scripture Engagement
So, what can we do to foster Scripture engagement in our churches? Here are several practices to try.
Read the article here.

How to Make the Bible Central in Small Groups by Brad Himes for CTPastors
In “The Crisis of Biblical Literacy” in Biola magazine (Spring 2014), Kenneth Berding explains:
Christians used to be known as “people of one book.” Sure, they read, studied and shared other books. But the book they cared about more than all others combined was the Bible. They memorized it, meditated on it, talked about it and taught it to others. We don't do that anymore, and in a very real sense we're starving ourselves to death.
Our church realized we were contributing to this biblical illiteracy. Our small-group model recruited leaders by saying, “If you can push ‘Play’ on a DVD player, you can be a leader.” Many members left their Bibles at home; they watched the program and answered the basic questions found in the guide. If Scripture was mentioned, it flashed on the video for a few seconds or took up a few lines in the leader's guide.
In response, we decided to change our small-group model to help members become more familiar with God's Word. The new model, Life Groups, no longer relies on a DVD; it relies on the Bible.
With God's Word as the focal point of the meeting, people are bringing their Bibles, finding their way around Scripture, and reading God's Word out loud. Groups spend time reading and discussing passages in the Bible. Leaders ask questions that honor the truth of the passage. Group members realize that the Word of God is alive and active as people share different perspectives. Everyone engages the Bible, and they realize it's not as intimidating as they once thought. After all, the Bible was written for all of us!
Changing How We Trained Leaders
To change our model, we had to change how we train leaders, to empower them to read and understand the Bible for themselves. Most jobs spend time training their employees, but for some reason in the church some think it's asking too much to require training for leaders.
We created an eight-week training program. The potential leaders form their own Life Group for those eight weeks, studying the Book of Acts. We cast vision for the ministry and discuss leadership responsibilities. Plus, each week we train on a topic: inductive Bible study, how to create questions, stages of group life, cultivation of group prayer, service opportunities, and more.
This format allows the leaders to learn in two key ways. First, they learn by being a Life Group—complete with discussion, prayer, and snacks. Second, they practice leadership techniques, especially beginning in Week Five, when the leaders take turns creating the questions, leading the group, and receiving peer feedback. This allows potential leaders to apply new leadership skills in a safe environment. In turn, they discover they can lead a Bible study. This realization empowers them. By the end of their training, leaders have grown not only in helping others engage the Bible, but also in their own Bible engagement.
Once the training is complete, the new leaders are encouraged to return to their existing groups and co-lead for a while, prior to starting their own group. In some cases, though, leaders launch a new group right away.
The Cost and the Results
This method of training raises the bar for leaders. It asks more of us as trainers, and it asks more of them. With our new model, because leaders study the passage and prepare questions ahead of time, they are equipped to keep the discussion aligned with God's truth.
Read the full article here.

5 Reasons to Preach ABOUT the Bible, Not Just FROM the Bible by Karl Vaters for Christianity Today
he Bible has never been more popular.
It’s everywhere. From our bookshelves, to our laptops, phones, e-readers and audio books.
Virtually anyone can gain instant access to the Bible in multiple languages and translations, including the original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek.
There are also a lot of Bible studies available. Through books, podcasts, blogs and apps, you can read, hear and study an endless variety of ideas about the Bible and its meaning.
The biggest reason for biblical ignorance and misunderstanding in previous generations was lack of access to the Bible and/or good Bible study materials. Today, the problem may be the exact opposite. There are so many voices, it’s hard for most people to distinguish valid Bible teaching from fluff or outright heresy.
As pastors, we have a great responsibility to teach our church members, not just what the Bible says and how to apply it, but how to read it for themselves, so they can distinguish good biblical teaching from shallow or bad biblical teaching.
In short, it’s no longer enough just to preach and teach from the Bible, we need to teach about the Bible, too.
Questions That Need Answers
Pastors need to regularly provide answers to questions people may not even know they need to answer.
Questions like:

  • What is the Bible?
  • How can we rely on it?
  • Why do Christians follow some of the Old Testament rules (like the 10 Commandments) but not others (like mixing fabrics in our clothes)?
  • Why are there so many different translations?
  • How do the biblical narratives match up with secular historical events?

and more.
Here are five reasons why now, more than ever, people need their pastors to teach them, not just what the Bible says, but how to use it wisely.
Read the article here.

Are We Teaching for Biblical Literacy? by Mark Jones
It is scary to think we could be looking at the first generation of biblically illiterate kids. Yes, the kids we are teaching right now. I'm not even convinced their parents are biblically literate. These are the future leaders of our churches. Please take a moment and think with me about this. When I was a kid, we were in church two to three times a week. Now, kids are in church two to three times a month. We were hearing the Bible tuaght about 150 times a year, but now they hear it about 50 times a year. At the most, they might know some stories, but that can easily be mixed up with other stories or possibly stories not from the Bible. What are we to do?
Listen to the podcast here




12th Annual Adult Conference

12th Annual Adult Conference
September 23-25, 2018
starting at 4pm with a BBQ on Sunday
The Church on Cypress
5709 Cypress Avenue, Carmichael

Register online

The event is free, but we need to know how many to plan for.

An opportunity to give a love offering will be available at the conference


SRBN Annual Celebration!

Sunday School/Small Group Leader Training


Northern California Sunday School/Small Group Leader Training
August 24, 2019 (pre-session training on August 23 for Associational leaders)
Tentatively in Vacaville
For all teachers, leaders, and small group facilitators

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