Network News - January 12, 2018
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Network News - January 12, 2018

Planning Calendars
Several people have asked about the planning calendars from CSBC. You can order them from CSBC from Deanna Villegas at (559) 256-0852 or print out the pdf of the calendar here. We have a few copies at the office. If you'd like to come by and pick one up or have us mail one to you, please contact the office. 

SRBN Minister's Wives Fellowship
February 22, 2018
First Baptist Church of Fair Oaks
4401 San Juan Avenue, Fair Oaks
6:30-8:30 PM
This is our first fellowship, and all minister's wives are invited. It will be a time of fellowship, snacks, and fun. We want to connect with each other, pray for each other, and encourage one another. If you have questions, please contact Terrie at the SRBN office. 

April 21, 2018 at El Camino Baptist Church

Full Time Worship Leader - First Baptist Orangevale
First Baptist Orangevale is looking for a full time worship leader. Please contact Jimmy Butler at or 916-539-3894

Urgent Need: Preschool Teacher Interns
Teachers needed wot tork with the preschool program at Lake Tahoe. Teachers must be studying or have a dregree in Early Childhood, Child Life, Child Development, or Human Development and Family Studies. You need 12 semester hours in any combination fo these types of classes to qualify as a preschool intern. Round-trip air fare, housing, food money,a nd local ministry-related transportation provided plus a $500 monthly stipend. 

For more information: Debbie Wohler Reasoner-Internship Coordinator: 530-448-9359 (Eastern Time) or, Jayme Blanton, A+ Director: 530-583-1534 (Pacific Time), Pastor Scott Capshaw: 530-583-7458 (Pacific Time) or  

Live-In Home Health Care Helper
A pastor from Suisun whose parents live in Sacramento needs to find 24/7 live-in assistance for his mother and her husband. Please contact Pastor Richard Guy from Grace Baptist Church of Suisun. His number is 707-290-3200.

Children's Ministry Volunteers
New Seasons church has a need for temporary/short term volunteers in their children’s church ministry.
Trained, experienced volunteers with proper clearances, and pastor approval preferred.
For more information contact Pastor Ron Jackson – 619-540-9294 or

Youth Leader Internship
Our church is seeking to fill a vacant position for Youth Leader Intern immediately, and we are reaching out to other churches and Christian organizations in the area with hopes of finding the right person (or couple) for the job.  We are a small-town conservative church, and our active Youth Group currently consists of 8 – 15 students at our Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday gatherings.  The position will require about 15 hours of work each week.  We will offer a salary of $750 - $1000, along with a generous budget for Youth activities.
We hope you would be willing to share our description with anyone who you feel would be a great addition to our team at FBCW.   Please respond and we will send the application as a pdf file, or interested parties may contact the church at 530-795-2821 to schedule an interview.  Thank you in advance for your assistance.
In Christ,
Pastor James  Allen  and the FBCW Stewardship/Personnel Committee

27      Church Music Workshop - North
        Trinity Baptist Church, Livermore

16-19   Winter Youth Retreat Week 1

17        Clinicas para Escuela Biblica de Vacaciones - San Jose

21-Mar. 5 International Commission Kenya Mission Trip
             Contact Sonia at

22         SRBN Minister's Wives Fellowship
             First Baptist Church, Fair Oaks 6:30-8:30 PM

23-25    Winter Youth Retreat Week 2


24         State VBS Clinic at El Camino Baptist Church
             2805 El Camino Ave., Sacramento

24         Clinicas para Escuela Biblica de Vacaciones - Manteca

24         Genesis Apologetics Annual Conference
             Real Life Church, Sacramento, register online

14         Free Simulcast - Live - Lee Strobel

6-8   Women's Retreat - The Woman God Sees
Camp Alta, $150 per person
         Contact Lori Coburn at
         Register online 

21     SRBN VBS Clinic - El Camino Baptist Church

18-20   Minister's Wives Retreat - Jenness Park

Alien Invasion in theaters January 11, 2018
Samson in theaters February 16, 2018
I Can Only Imagine in theaters March 16, 2018
Tortured for Christ in theaters Spring, 2018

The Anatomy of a Perfect Facebook Video by Victor Blasco
There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to producing a video for social media. If you want it to have an impact, you’ll have to think about how audiences consume content across different social networks and then tailor your video for each one.

In this article, I’ll be discussing some of the things you’ll want to consider when producing a video for Facebook.
I’ve broken down the article into the following sections:

  • Video types: what works best and why? Company Videos, live videos, explainer videos and more.
  • A brief discussion on video duration.
  • Recommendations on audiovisual resources and techniques.
  • Optimizing for better reach and engagement.
  • Timeline Videos vs. Story Videos, what’s the difference?

Read the full article here.

Connecting Your People in the Community by Jay Sandt
Churches go to great lengths connecting to their member and visitors. This type of connection is no different from organizations connecting to their customers. After all aren’t church members and their visitors the ones that largely fund the church, just like when customers buy products from companies, the money made on the sale funds the company.

I would venture to say there’s a different kind of connection after reading Seth Godin blog entry. Go ahead and read his blog, I’ll wait for you to come back.

What would happen if churches built horizontal relationships instead of vertical ones? An example of horizontal relationships, would be churches connecting unemployed people to open positions in the area or company owners in the congregation, connecting families with appropriate daycare facilities for their children in the community, or helping people find local contractors and other trades that give a fair price for their work. As Seth says the church would be the matchmaker.

Connecting people should come naturally to churches because they are trying to connect people into groups and other church functions. However, it appears churches are better at the vertical connections which mostly benefits the church, instead of the horizontal connections, where they don’t benefit but the two parties they bring together do. Does connecting people really happen, or as Seth points out, are organizations afraid of losing control? What would they be afraid of? A family leaving the church and going to another church, losing community sponsorships, or ministering in certain parts of the community. I have personally witnessed some of the territorial disputes among churches.

Should the church help connect people to others, even if it means losing a family? Yes. An organization should be seen as a helper in the community and on a personal level to the family, instead of a hindrance. It’s better for the organization to have the family speak good about it, then have ill feelings towards the organization that every one finds out.
Read the entire article here.

Your Web Content Checklist: 5 Must-Have Items by Stephen E. Jenkins for Ministry Tech
Including content that will both provide useful information for members and attract visitors is the most crucial part of having a church website. Church websites that do not provide proper content are as useful as not providing any information at all.
Here are a few examples of essential content every church website should provide. It would be beneficial to incorporate these items into your church website. By doing so, you won't miss the opportunity to attract individuals who may visit your church or inconvenience current members who may be looking for specific information.
Read the article here.

Why Your Church Needs to Use Video More in 2018 by Jonathan P. Howe for Thom S. Rainer
For the past few years, podcasts have been the hot new medium on the Internet. And while they are still growing in number and in popularity, a relatively more traditional medium has recently experienced a comeback of sorts on the Internet. That medium is video.
Online video has exploded over the past few years with the switch from chronological social media timelines to algorithmic ones. This impacts your church as well. If you’re still posting text only updates about what’s going on in your church—on either Facebook or Twitter—your updates are likely being suppressed and are not reaching much of your audience. Video can help fix that. Video can increase the exposure of your church’s ministry now more than ever. Here are five reasons why:
Read the article here.



Women's Retreat 2018

At Camp Alta
April 6-8, 2018
$150 per person (can be paid in two $75 payments, due by March 29th)
Register here.
For more information, contact Lori Coburn at

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