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Please let SRBN know when your VBS is this summer and which program you're using. Thank you!

To start this week's newsletter which is focusing on Children's Ministry, I have to share an article that will have you laughing, a little horrified, and thankful you weren't the leader in the story. Mark Jones who has a blog called Mr. Mark's Classroom that gives all kinds of practical advice and ideas that every children's ministry leader should have bookmarked in their favorites, shares the story: "A Little Birdie..." 
Some other excellent articles and information from Mr. Mark's Classroom: She Calls Me Miss Mark (about men teaching children)
Why Use Bible Phrases with Preschoolers?
Steps to Creating & Implementing Children's Ministry Policies
Sharing Space and Resources


Children are the future, and that is true for the Church as well. As we prepare for summer and VBS, let's focus on children, parents, and families. The Church has always been a multi-generational ministry. That is the way God ordained life to be. Before the Church existed, God created marriage and families and created life to experience relationships.

from "Keys to a Multi-Generational Worship Ministry" podcast from Thom S. Rainer
Other articles on Multi-Generational Ministry: 6 Areas Where Ministry and the Generations Collide,   The Benefits of Inter-Generational Programs, and How to Become a 4 Generation Church

Here is a Q&A about "How to Recruit, Train, & Keep Great #KidMin Volunteers" 
"Success in the world of Children's Ministry rises and falls on your ability to recruit, train, and keep great volunteers engaged in your program. Every ministry needs volunteers, but there may not be a more crucial need than when dealing with children birth thru 5th grade."

In addition to having ministers/investors/volunteers, we must make sure our churches are safe and welcoming to families.
Thom S. Rainer gives us some important ideas for creating an environment that reassures parents in Seven Church Signs that Give a Positive Impression 
I was recently in a church that had several signs posted about not bringing food or drinks in the worship center. I asked a guest what he thought of the signs. His response was telling: “I think they are telling me they don’t want to clean up my mess.”
From that perspective, the sign was a negative sign for the church. At least from one person’s point of view it meant, “Don’t bother us.”
Many churches, however, have positive signs posted around the church facilities. Unless you are a curmudgeon, these signs would give you a favorable impression of the church. My comments after each sign reflect the message it would likely communicate.
1. Guest parking. We welcome guests at our church. We want to treat you like a guest in our home and demonstrate our hospitality.
2. Allergy alert. These are the snacks we will be serving your children. We care about them and their wellbeing. If they have allergy problems, we will gladly offer them an alternative snack.
Read more here
Rainer also has another article that is sobering and important for every church to read: Eleven Vital Steps to Minimize Risk of Child Sex Abuse in Your Church from December, 2016.
"It will never happen in our church."
And then it does.
Most church leaders and church members are chocked and unprepared when allegations of child sex abuse arise in their churches. But it is a huge risk in all churches.
Richard Hammar is one of my favorite sources for legal and financial information for the church. Each year he reads 12,000 state appellate and federal court rulings. He takes that information and then ranks the greatest risk to churches.
The number one risk in 2015 was allegations of child sex abuse. In fact, is has been the number one risk for most of the past 20 years.
As we approach a new year, I plead with church leaders to do all they can do to minimize this risk. It is definitely important for the health of the church. But, even more, we need to do everything we can for the safety and care of the children. It's first about them.
Read the rest of the article here. 

From Richard R. Hammar mentioned in Rainer's article: In recognizing National Child Abuse Prevention Month, this article, Child Sexual Abuse, (along with four others) is available for free throughout the month of April. Additionally, any orders placed for our newly-revised awareness training program Reducing the Risk will receive free shipping with the coupon code rtr417 (coupon expires at the end of April).

Building Church Leaders offers a Safety and Security Assessment Pack for $9.99. 

5 Things Parents Need to Know about Kids Ministers by Klista Storts
#1 - They lie. They'll tell you that they're not tired, that they don't need help, that they were "in the neighborhood" when they just dropped in to watch your child play soccer. It's all a lie, I tell you!
Kids ministers will put their very lives on hold at times to show kids how much they care. Although they can't be at everything, they'll do their best to let kids know they matter!
#2 - They don't believe everything your children tell them! (At least not about you!) Sure, sometimes there are big problems at home, but they know that sometiems it's just a kid being a kid who either has a big imagination or is just mad at mom or dad.
They do believe you're a good parent who's trying everything you can to be the best parent you can be. But if you need help, they're ready with open arms, open minds, and even some good biblical advice! They're also praying that you don't bleieve everything your kids say about them!
Read the rest here. 
This article appeared in LifeWay's Kids Ministry 101. They have many great articles about kids, family, parenting, and ministry. You can read more articles here: 
Here are some other articles from Kids Ministry 101: Ministering to Parents of Kids with Special Needs 
Servant Leadership: The Unnoticed Work Behind Children's Ministry 
Planning for Summer: Why Camp Is Important
Tips for Kids on Sharing Their Faith 

Ministry Must-Do's for New Parents 

Want to encourage and challenge your family (or families in your church)? Consider taking the 7-Day Challenge from Ziglar Family. Check it out here:

Five Things I've Learned about Parenting as a Pastor by Kevin Campbell from LifeWay Pastors

If you or your church is overwhelmed with so many events and holidays this spring, you might consider making one celebration for both Mother's Day and Father's Day. Read Two Holidays, One Celebration.

April 23-29 is Volunteer Appreciation Week! Here are some Tips for Spring Appreciation Events 

Free Resource: Learn the 52 Scriptures Every Kid Should Know from FaithGateway

Job & Ministry Opportunities
Summer Internship in Tahoe
One opportunity has opened up for summer 2017, starting around June 10.  Act immediately to apply! You will lead Bible stories, learning activities, crafts, and recreational games. Each month you'll receive a $500 stipend. You will also receive round trip airfare, housing, food money, and local ministry related transportation. You'll live less than a mile from beautiful Lake Tahoe.
Teacher qualifications
To work in the preschool program, you must be studying, or have a degree in: Early Childhood, Child Life, Child Development, or Human Development and Family studies. You will need 12 semester hours in any combination of these types of classes to qualify as a preschool intern.
In order to work with school age children, you must have completed, with a passing grade, 12 semester hours in any combination of the of the following types of classes: art, music, dance, theater, physical education, indoor and outdoor recreation, psychology, sociology, nursing, and human development.
Debbie Wohler Reasoner, Internship Coordinator
530-583-2925 (home office) Pacific Standard Time
530-448-9359 (cell) Pacific Standard Time

or check our website
Apply online at

Youth Leader Internship
First Baptist Church of Winters (FBCW) is seeking a Youth Leader Intern.
The job requires about 15 hours of work each week, offers a competitive salary along with a generous budget for Youth activities. The youth group consists of 10-20 students at the Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday gatherings.
For more information, contact the church at 530-795-2821 or or you can contact SRBN.

Education Internship
Education internship with stipend, housing, and airfare at Lake Tahoe, California
August 9 through December 22, 2017
4 Preschool interns and 4 School age interns needed.
We are looking for energetic, diligent, and happy people to join our team. We need leaders who possess strong character, are teachable, and who have a heart for working with children.
We will train you and invest in your life. All our lead staff have been either summer or semester staff. You will work with a team of eight other college students.
For more information, contact Debbie Wohler at 530-583-2925 or 530448-9359 or
Apply at:

Youth Director
New Hope Community Church (NHCC) in South Sacramento is searching for a part time (20 hr/wk) youth director. The position will report directly to the senior pastor and offers a competitive salary and some flexibility of work hours. The intent is to grow the position to full time and eventually a pastoral position. Some Bible college or seminary study is a plus, and candidate must be a self-starter.
For a full job description and other information, please contact NHCC board of deacons:
Board of Deacons
New Hope Community Church
1821 Meadowview Road
Sacramento, CA  95832

Bi-Vocational Pastor
Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church is in Northern California east of the city of Lincoln.  Led by the Spirit we seek to be a light house to our community desiring to reach our community for Christ. 
We believe in the fundamentals of the Christian faith, lean toward Calvinist doctrine, and believe in the eternal security of the believer.  We are a loving, praying church and support mission work throughout the world.  We seek to be a church for all age groups. 
We are seeking a bi-vocational pastor to lead our church.  The salary, days, and hours are negotiable. If you feel led by God to lead our church, please send your resume to Curt Simpson at
Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church
2384 Garden Bar Road
Lincoln, CA 95648


April 23-29 is Volunteer Appreciation Week

Free online seminar for pastors any time: Preach Better Sermons Conference
22   SRBN VBS Clinic
El Camino Baptist Church
9 am to 1 pm (registration begins at 8:30 am)

register online

28-29 Prayerwalking Seminar
"Unleash the Power of Prayer in Your Community"
led by Jerry McCullah
El Camino Baptist Church
Friday: 6-9 pm  (Dinner at 6 pm)
Saturday: 9-Noon
This is a free seminar, and dinner is provided
email to let them know how many will be attending

5-7  Father Son Retreat
Jenness Park Christian Camp
Bonus day - May 4th
$55 per person

11-22 Kenya Mission Trip
International Commission
Contact Sonia Burnell at; 916-784-2372

19-21 Ministers' Wives Retreat 2017
Jenness Park Christian Camp
$179 thorugh April 15 (after 4/15, the cost is $200)

21-28 Associational Missions Emphasis (AME)
Week of Prayer and Mission Emphasis

18-22 Middle & High School Camp Session 1
Camp Alta

27-29 Hope Renewed/Purpose Driven 2017
Pastor/Church Leader Event, So. Cal. 

9-12 Kids Camp, 4-6 grades, $155 

13-15 Kids Camp, 1-3 grades $140 

16-20 Middle/High School Wilderness Camp
Session 2, Camp Alta, $225 

23-27 Middle/High School Wilderness Camp
Session 3, Camp Alta, $225 

7-10 Special Ministries Camp
18 & older, $280, (volunteers free) 

10-11 Global Leadership Summit simulcast


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